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Using data insights for online deals and discounts

All businesses offer discounts to their customers. Online group discount companies like Groupon help retailers offer the right deal to the right customers, thereby increasing their conversions. Mapping the customers to the deals is key to achieve higher conversions, and... Continue Reading →

Types of Data Engineers

Data engineers are technical professionals who are skilled at handling the complexities within data. They design and build custom software to transform raw data into information or insights that can be consumed by end users. Data engineers work as part... Continue Reading →

Design challenges in building a data warehouse

Data warehouses are built for tactical and strategic decision making purposes. Here are a few challenges that should be properly addressed while designing a data warehouse.. Data Analysis Business analysts need to understand the data to build transformation rules. Hence... Continue Reading →

Design challenges of data streaming applications

The ability to process data instantaneously and send back insights to users as soon as possible is the key for a successful deployment of a real time data streaming architecture.┬áReal time data streaming applications are considered good, only if they... Continue Reading →

Skills of a Data Architect

A data architect designs systems for business users to ensure that they get access to the enterprise data as they need it. The role of a data architect is a very senior role. The data architects needs to have a... Continue Reading →

Why do enterprise data warehousing initiatives fail?

There are many instances of failed attempts to build enterprise data warehouses, and companies struggle to figure out the reasons for failure. An enterprise data warehouse can be deemed as unsuccessful, if majority of businesses dont use the data from... Continue Reading →

Modern Enterprise Data Warehouses

An enterprise data warehouse caters to the data related needs of the company. It is a centralised repository for providing trusted data for various business requirements. It helps businesses to quickly build various data driven applications, by ensuring the availability... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Data Strategy – A Top Down or Bottom Up approach?

A top down approach looks at the bigger picture, and recommends building strategic solutions. A bottom up approach, on the other hand, focuses on solving the issue at hand in a cost and time effective manner. A key decision for... Continue Reading →

Key roles in strategic data management projects

Data management is an enterprise function, comprising large teams with many roles and responsibilities. However, there are a few key roles within the enterprise data management team that should be carefully chosen to build a strong foundation team. Data Strategists... Continue Reading →

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