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A collection of blogs about trending technologies that are shaping the future, like data science, blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Who can build your data strategy

The first step on the roadmap to build a data driven organization is to formulate a data strategy. But who within the company are best placed to build a good data strategy? This article focuses just on building the data... Continue Reading →

Key responsibilities of a data architect

Let's start off with the fact that data architects are not data engineers. These roles are often confused. A data architect has a very distinct set of responsibilities that do not overlap with those of data engineers, mainly because data... Continue Reading →

Difference between data engineers and data warehousing engineers

Data engineers are engineers that handle data transformation and storage activities for any applications, while data warehouse engineers handle data transformation and storage activities associated with building a data warehouse. Data Warehousing Engineers They are responsible to build the data... Continue Reading →

Steps for building a Data Warehouse

Building a data warehouse is a complex process, and involves many distinct activities that can be broadly categorised into planning, designing and engineering. The key to success, however, is synchronised efforts across various activities to manage dependencies and optimize resource... Continue Reading →

Things to do before you start to build a data warehouse

Building a data warehouse involves large teams working simultaneously on various activities.¬†Following is the list of activities that should be performed before building a data warehouse, with their recommended sequence. Create business cases The work of building a data warehouse... Continue Reading →

The need for data catalogs

Enterprises invest heavily on building data assets, but if they are not used by the business users, the whole purpose is defeated. When business analysts need data, most of the times, they have no clue regarding whom to ask and... Continue Reading →

Data collection methods for large organizations

Large organizations collect data for various purposes. Data has always been a strategic asset of every organization, as they can leverage data for improving their business. Data can be leveraged to improve their products and services, to increase their sales,... Continue Reading →

Key elements of a Master Data Management initiative

Master Data Management is an enterprise function. It is a dedicated initiative to make master data within the organization accessible, secure, transparent and trustworthy. Master data pertains to information related to customers, products, vendors etc. Master data management is a... Continue Reading →

Data Modelling techniques

A data model represents the way data is organized within a data store. The organization of data is important because that determines the efficiency of the usage of data. Data models can be designed in various styles depending on how... Continue Reading →

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