An enterprise data warehouse caters to the data related needs of the company. It is a centralised repository for providing trusted data for various business requirements. It helps businesses to quickly build various data driven applications, by ensuring the availability of data. It also ensures that the enterprise data is well managed, so that its quality and integrity improves over time.

Catching up with the changing business circumstances, the concept of an enterprise data warehouse has evolved significantly. Modern enterprise data warehousing solutions are made up of a collection of environments, each catering to specific types of business requirements.

Curated Data Environment

The curated data environment stores  high quality enterprise data is a structured format, such that it is easily understood and accessed by various business users to server specific business requirements. Data within the curated environment is used for business intelligence applications, to take tactical and strategic decisions. It helps to improve the products and services of the organization, reduce costs and risks and also helps to monitor business performance and growth.

Big Data Environment

Big data environment stores data that cannot be stored in the curated environment or is too expensive to store in curated environment. Unstructured data sets or extremely large data sets are generally stored in the big data environment. Data sets that can potentially be useful in the future, but do not have any existing applications are also stored in the big data environment. The technology platform used to store data is commonly referred to as data lake.

Streaming Data Environment

Data streaming environment stores data that arrives at high velocity and needs to be processed and used in real time. The data streaming environment caters to real time data requirements for digital products that acquire data from multiple sources and process data instantaneously to deliver value to customers. Data streaming environment is an advanced functionality that helps companies to provide instant gratification to their customers.

Data Labs Environment

Data labs environment is a dedicated environment for data scientists to work with enterprise data. This environment stores data that is relevant to the research activities and provides access to enterprise data and tools required to derive insights from data. Data scientists work in this environment to build business strategies, build new business models, validate various product and market related hypothesis, discover unknown patterns within data, provide insights for market research etc.