Engineering disciplines have a tendency to reproduce, or at-least, that is the feeling that we get when we look at the way engineering disciplines have emerged over time.

Civil Engineering gave birth to mechanical engineering, from which emerged electrical engineering. Electrical engineering gave birth to electronics engineering, which further progressed to create Computer engineering.

Computer engineering paved the path of information technology engineering, and with the recent progress in information technology, a new discipline in engineering is emerging, popularly referred to as Data Engineering.

Data Engineering is emerging as a discipline of engineering with recent progress in the fields of big data analytics and machine learning. There are numerous applications of data science technology, and it is expected that the applications of data science technology will far exceed the applications of information technology. It is the science that is expected to lead us to the era of artificial intelligence.

As applications of data science technology increase, jobs related to data engineering are steadily increasing. Data Science, which originates from the principles of maths and statistics, focuses mainly on predictive analytics. The ability to predict an outcome from many possible outcomes based on known factors that have varying effect on the final outcome is at the core of data science.

This ability currently distinguishes humans from machines, as we currently know them. As machines get the ability to build a logic through observations, they will get capabilities that are similar to humans. However, their ability to perform tasks more accurately, efficiently and quickly will differentiate them from humans. Data science will change our ability to automate things to the extent that the future world will feel like a world of wizards, with humans doing most of the things by just moving their wand.

The technology is still in its nascent stage, but it has already caught the attention of the world. A subject of academic research until now is slowly gaining traction in the world of commerce, and transforming into an engineering discipline.

Data Engineers will build the next generation of machines for us and our world will never be same again!!