The emerging roles of data consultants are often confused with that of data scientists. While data scientists convert data into insights, data consultants ensure business impacts from those insights.

Data consultants are evangelists of data science and play a critical role in advising the business about the importance of building a data driven organization, and helping them with the strategy and the roadmap.

They do the capability assessment of the organization to understand their data-maturity levels, identify gaps, risks and opportunities within data to generate business interest and participation in data capability building initiatives.

An organization can only benefit from data insights when they have a good data foundation. The roadmap for building an enterprise data foundation often involves huge amount stakeholder management and handholding. Data consultants play a major role in defining the implementation and adoption strategy.

Data consultants help data scientists in defining business problems and converting them into analytical problems. They help to convert data insights identified by data scientists into business use cases. Data consultants help in initiating various data driven projects, track their benefits, and ensure their alignment with the enterprise data strategy, thus playing a key role in helping organizations to become data driven.