While speaking at a panel discussion on building skills and competencies of data driven organizations, Riaz Mulla, head of training at Tech Mahindra talked about the two key principles – Integrity and Intent.

He was speaking at data science congress summit 2018 held in Mumbai, India.

Integrity – How do you arrive at what is the truth in the data?

When data gets collected, it is necessary to understand who collects the data and what is their motivation to collect the data.

For example – when sales staff document information, they will their own version of truth and may not enter data into the system that is not reflecting appropriately about their activities.

It is a huge challenge to ensure that when data is organized across the enterprise for solving business objectives, it is comprehensive and integrated across business units such that it reflects the entire truth and not just a perspective of a specific business unit.

Intent – What is the business objective or goal?

Organizations today are sitting on huge volumes of data, desperately trying to figure out how to make it relevant to the business.

However, it is important to understand the long term impact of the business objectives on customers and business. Is the business objective really going to benefit the enterprise as a whole, in the long run, as against fulfilling a very short sighted objective of a specific business unit?

There is a need to appropriately empower the enterprise data architects, who specialize in ensuring proper acquisition, integration and use of enterprise data, in the process of building a data driven organization.