Technology is changing the future by changing itself. What was hot yesterday, is not anymore. What is hot today will not be tomorrow. But here is a list of technologies that are hot today!

Big data

The concept is simple – if you build a predictive algorithm, the accuracy of its results will depend on the volume, variety, accuracy and relevance of the data that is fed to the model. The more data goes in, the results become more accurate. The newfound ability to process insanely huge volumes of data instantaneously and cost effectively makes big data analytics hot.

Machine Learning

A predictive model is limited by the imagination and knowledge of its developer, unless of course, if it has the ability to build the logic on its own. Simply by looking at previous results, the new ‘machine learning’ algorithms can build the logic to predict the unknowns, without having to explicitly define the logic… and they are turning out to be smarter than the algorithms explicitly defined by humans.

Internet of things

Can you build a machine that can measure the speed of your car? or can measure your pulse rate? Well it is easy now, with internet of things!! All you have to do is figure out a way to collect this data, and build an app that can show this data on your mobile phone!

Augmented reality

The pattern for technological advancements are unpredictable. They dont necessarily follow the path imagined by the hollywood movies. Once everyone thought that we will see a lot of cars flying around by year 2000, but in reality, what we got was the internet, a much stronger invention.. but strikingly different than everyone magined.

What if we, in the future, instead of going to mars and pluto, discover new planets purely out of our imagination?


Can you trust data that you see? Trust is developed only when data comes from a trusted source. But how to build a trusted source of data? A source of data that can never get manipulated or corrupted.. Can you make the data so secure that nobody can hack it? or would you rather distribute this data to thousands or potentially millions of computers, so hacking one computer does not have any effect?

Artificial intelligence

Machines until now did jobs that were humanly impossible, but now they are also learning to do jobs that are humanly possible. High quality natural language processing, sound and image recognition, reinforcement learning etc are not too distant from reality. Seems like future children will have more friendly toys to play with…