Technology has kept evolving in a manner that is hard to predict. Back in 1970s, when everyone thought of flying cars as the next logical evolution, the world instead witnessed supercomputers that changed the way we remember and communicate information.

As technology further evolved, supercomputers turned into laptops and then into pocket phones, and now they are not just able to remember and communicate information, but also understand it and think of possible actions, a bold step before machines can actually start taking decisions and actions themselves.

We are on the verge of entering into an era of artificial intelligence. Data science and machine learning are becoming the new buzz words of disruption, and open source technologies are accelerating the process. With the widespread adoption of free open source “cutting edge” technologies across the world, companies are realizing that innovations can come from any part of the world, and they are on the hunt to find the next generation disruptors.

The gold rush of twenty first century is evident as global startup accelerators like startupbootcamp are expanding across the world, and conducting hackathons to find talent. They are designing acceleration programs to provide network and support to the next generation entrepreneurs, thus facilitating the building of next generation global companies.