The technology space around us is changing rapidly, and as the industry tries to catch up with these changes, the question that pops up every time in our minds is that of our education system.

Most of our education system still relies on traditional teaching methods and stagnant curriculums, completely ignoring the latest trends in the industry. On the other hand, students prefer job oriented educational experience that adds value to their portfolio, complements their existing skills, and prepares them to positively contribute to the world.

GreyAtom, a modern educational startup in mumbai, is trying to primarily focus on bridging this gap between the industry and academics. GreyAtom provides boot camp programs in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data and aims to build an ecosystem of data science aspirants, professionals and enthusiasts. Given that only 20% of engineers in India are employable, GreyAtom works towards helping not only engineering students but interested students from all backgrounds by providing them with hands on experience in solving real Industry problems.


GreyAtom promotes product based learning using their in-house IDE tool brings “Test Driven Development”, “Integration with Data Scientist tools” and “Integration with social platforms like Github, Stackoverflow” under one roof. measures real metric like code efficiency, problem solving, logic, speed, etc.

One of the major problems that a fresher faces is with the gap between what they are taught and what is required in the industry. GreyAtom provides real anonymized data sets from the industry to make solving complex problems a habit for their students. Not only does this help the students but saves a lot of time and money of their employers in training them. This way GreyAtom’s industry partners get industry ready talent at 0 cost. GreyAtom here acts  only as a mediator providing a win-win situation for both the employees and the employers.

With institutes like GreyAtom, the face of education is quickly changing, and we are witnessing new methods of teaching and learning, that are completely different from those seen in the recent past. The classrooms at GreyAtom resemble corporate office setup, where students work on real world problems, and solve them using advanced technology and creativity. Learning here is a collective hands-on activity, closely emulating the way projects are executed within the industry.


To keep up with the motto of providing REAL industry problems, it is important to bring people who are working in the industry. Hence GreyAtom has very unique set of instructors who work at various capacities in the industry and are updated with the latest trends and technologies. Being a part of GreyAtom’s ecosystem, they too, believe in contributing to Data Science by guiding Data Science aspirants and enthusiasts to a successful careers.

Such instructors, Data Science enthusiasts and the team at GreyAtom have built a progressive ecosystem which can be seen making a great impact and growing together.

Running 3 batches with 100+ students, GreyAtom is currently providing a ‘Full Stack Data Science Engineering’ Program for 14 weeks and 24 weeks with both weekday and weekend schedules respectively. The curriculum is designed by industry experts and with academic inputs from top ranked institutes in India.

Carefully designed on strong principles, modern professional training institutes like GreyAtom are changing the way education is imparted to students.