As Dr. Ravi Vijayaraghavan, Vice President and Head of Analytics at Flipkart stated that “the only way to understand customers in eCommerce industry is through data“. He was speaking at the data science congress 2017 event held in Mumbai, India.

When analyzing factors that drive sales from women customers, he said that the data scientists at Flipkart found a correlation between number of swipes made on a product with higher sales numbers, highlighting the fact that products offering multiple choices sell better with women customers. As a contrast, they found that branded products sold better with men. He mentioned that Flipkart also used data science techniques for identifying petty frauds where competitors posed as users, ordered products online and returned them giving bad ratings.

Dr Vijayraghavan said he would further like to use data science capabilities to understand new markets and improve Flipkart’s penetration into tier 2 & tier 3 cities, where people dont necessarily have access to good quality goods and products.

The data science summit 2017, organized by Data science congress, was attended by various high profile corporate and political delegates across the country and many data science professionals, students and enthusiasts. Data science congress is trying to build an ecosystem which will help India to become the center stage for the research and development of data science skills.