Over 1.5 million engineers are graduating every year in India, more than US and China combined. However, jobs are not getting created at the same pace. Until now, studying engineering had been equivalent to securing a job. But not any more! The supply of engineers has already surpassed the job demand.

Ironically, most of the engineers that actually get into a job, are not job ready. Companies spend huge amount of time, efforts and money to get these engineers productive. Most of the learning happens on the job. Many end up working in fields that are not related to their education.

This shows that the education system has been lacking the agility to change as the industry is changing. The knowledge imparted is mainly theory, and students don’t necessarily understand the practical application of what they learn. The result is that they have to rely on the job market to learn the practical aspects of technology before they can become productive.

The current education system does a good job in identifying sincere and hardworking students who have a basic level of intelligence to understand and do things. However, it lacks the ability to convert these students into actual ‘doers’.

If engineering students had the ability to use their knowledge to make wonderful things, they wouldn’t have to rely on jobs. There would be entrepreneurs all around us, building stuff that would make people’s lives easier and happier, improve productivity and boost economy. They would provide jobs to those who actually lacked education, instead of themselves fighting to secure a job.

Indian universities don’t necessarily lack the knowledge, facilities or expertise to groom such students, they just lack the culture of building entrepreneurs. They fail to provide the right purpose to the students and the right incentives to the staff to help students achieve their goals. Universities in India have trained themselves for years in grooming students to become good, sincere, obedient and hardworking employees, but not the mavericks we really need.