Humans have a tendency to collaborate and work, one of the reasons why we survived through the history, and became the dominant species of the world. This collaboration has resulted into very big and powerful organizations that have dominated the human race for centuries. The creation of new dominant organizations does not end the previous organizations, but they definitely share the power, and to some extent, make the old organizations irrelevant.

As the human connectivity improves, our overall human power increases further, giving way for the creation of further new set of organizations, constantly guided by new technologies, discoveries, inventions, beliefs and innovations.

The new era of companies are getting shaped based on how human connectivity is improving. We are no longer discovering new lands, or building new roads, but now we are reaching out to new people with the world wide web. Suddenly billions are getting access to everything that humans have created so far through the internet, and this is causing an accelerated change in the socioeconomic ecosystem. The scale and speed of this new reach is unprecedented, and it is not very difficult to predict the nature of the new set of organizations that will be created from this phenomenon.

Platforms like Facebook and google have already initiated this process, and this is just the beginning. People are getting organized very rapidly on these new platforms, and new online communities are forming. Online identity is almost replacing the real identity of a person. Location, language and cultural barriers are breaking, as the society is getting together seamlessly on these online platforms. New ways of building trust, working together, doing business and sharing profits are getting discovered.

Right now, it is still difficult to predict which new organizations will be formed, and how will they get consolidated, but it will be very interesting to watch this accelerating change that has just begun!