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Key roles in business intelligence and enterprise data management projects

Data management is an enterprise function, comprising large teams with many roles and responsibilities. However, there are a few key roles within the enterprise data management team that should be carefully chosen to build a strong foundation team. Data Strategists... Continue Reading →

Driving innovation through data

Data can drive innovation and support growth in the digital age. An enterprise data strategy involves identifying ways to leverage data for new business opportunities.┬áThe key ingredient of an innovative data strategy is experimentation, and its not possible to experiment... Continue Reading →

Key building blocks for a data driven organization

Building a data driven organization can be a long journey, and below are the competencies that every organization has to build to become truly data driven. Data Strategy Data strategy focuses on value to the business by leveraging data. It... Continue Reading →

New trends in Business Intelligence

Companies have been leveraging data for a long time to make strategic as well as tactical decisions. But the availability of more data and the ability to process data efficiently has opened up new ways of doing business, that can... Continue Reading →

Difference between Data Science and Business Intelligence

Data science is different from business intelligence. Data science is the technology and business intelligence is the application. There can be several technologies used to build business intelligence applications, "data science" being one of those technologies. Similarly, there can be... Continue Reading →

Why should companies build data lakes?

A data lake is a recent concept, and has become more popular with the advent of big data technologies. Big data technologies and cloud infrastructure have made it cheaper and efficient to store and process huge volumes of data. They... Continue Reading →

Building a data governance framework

Data governance is the missing bridge between the business and the information technology teams, when it comes to issues related to data quality and security.┬áThe problem is, technology teams are not sensitive enough to the contents of data, and business... Continue Reading →

Competition in the digital age

If there is something that keeps the CXOs of companies awake at night, it is the disruptive and dynamic business environment. With market value of companies being closely monitored by the world, staying competitive is the biggest challenge. Based on... Continue Reading →

Building a business strategy

A business strategy is necessary for every business to stay ahead of competition. It involves huge investments to build a sound business strategy but the payoffs are hugely offset the investments. To build a good business strategy, we need to... Continue Reading →

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