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Data Modelling techniques

A data model represents the way data is organized within a data store. The organization of data is important because that determines the efficiency of the usage of data. Data models can be designed in various styles depending on how... Continue Reading →

Building a data integration framework

Integrity, by definition, is the state of being whole and undivided. Data integrity is the ability of data to provide a complete view. Companies collect a lot of data through their transactional IT systems. They also have access to loads... Continue Reading →

Building a Data Quality framework

Data is a reflection of things and events of the real world in digital form, and good quality data is nothing but a more accurate reflection of the real world. Data Quality is an extremely important aspect of enterprise data... Continue Reading →

Skills required for Data Warehousing projects

Data warehouse is an architectural concept. This means - it is a type of architecture deployed for business intelligence solutions. Data Warehouses are built mainly to support strategic and tactical decision making, but they are also be used as a... Continue Reading →

Building a data security framework

The scope of data security includes defining data security policies and frameworks for both building and managing data assets within a company. The data security officer should enforce compliance to data security policies and frameworks within the company on an... Continue Reading →

Data Visualization Technologies

Data visualizations are impactful ways of communicating complex statistical information in an intuitive and interactive manner.┬áData visualizations are used by business analysts, data analysts, data scientists etc. to understand business and derive actionable insights. Here are three most common ways... Continue Reading →

Types of Metadata

Metadata is information about data within the enterprise. Data is of great value, but only if it is managed properly. Metadata management is key for building a data driven organization. Without a proper metadata management system, business user would not... Continue Reading →

The google of the enterprise data

Informatica seems to be coming back in the game with its launch of a suite of modern data management products. The enterprise information catalogue, which aims at unifying the entire enterprise metadata under one umbrella, is referred to as "the... Continue Reading →

Data Load Strategies

Data loading techniques are integral to data management competencies. In a data driven organization, enterprise data needs to be available to all users, when they need it. In order to make this happen, data load strategies are designed for every... Continue Reading →

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