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Three pillars of a regulatory compliance solution

From the year 2008 till date, the world is trying to come out of the worst global recession since world war II. Many banks have fallen apart like a pack of cards, and millions have lost their jobs. Governments are... Continue Reading →

Data Protection – Myth or Reality

Data Privacy is becoming a huge concern, and governments have started to act on it. GDPR (General data protection regulation) is the first of its kind regulation enacted by the european union, that imposes restrictions on organizations on the way... Continue Reading →

Working hand in hand – Data Science and Business Intelligence

Business intelligence competency within an organization provides a strong framework for leveraging data science capabilities. As we build deep insights using modern machine learning algorithms, the business intelligence framework helps in bringing those insights to the right users at the... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning – The shift from coding to training.

Analytics allow automated decision support. A self learning analytical model trains itself to make predictions using data. This is a breakthrough in the way computers operate, and is popularly known as a machine learning technique. Machine learning techniques are used... Continue Reading →

Building the Ladder to Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are the buzzwords of 2018, but companies are struggling to understand the roadmap towards gaining the competency in these areas. Companies procrastinate these investments, since they look at them as strategic long term investments. As... Continue Reading →

Hot technologies of 2018

Everyone is talking about Big data analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence these days, but what makes them special? Why are they suddenly hyped up? The following quick snippets attempt to explain their significance. Big data analytics The concept is... Continue Reading →

Three stages of data science career

Data science, today, is the most preferred career jump for students and professionals with backgrounds in both business and IT. It is the key to many successful careers within business consulting, management consulting, entrepreneurship, research and academia. Data science leverages... Continue Reading →

Importance of blockchain in the era of Artificial intelligence

As we move towards the era of artificial intelligence, data has become the new oil, and data ownership is becoming a huge concern. Blockchain is the technology that can potentially solve this problem, as it can truly democratise data, making it... Continue Reading →

Real world challenges of a data scientist

The demand for data scientists is increasing, as more and more companies are looking to hire data scientists with the hope that they will create magic by leveraging data. With rising expectations, data scientists are under immense pressure. Managing the expectations... Continue Reading →

Data science and Data engineering – two sides of the same coin

The skills of data scientists and data engineers may overlap to some extent, but the roles are quite distinct. Data scientists focus on effectively analysing data to identify patterns, derive insights and define potentially useful data products, while data engineers... Continue Reading →

The clever Robo-advisors

Would you trust your investment decisions on an algorithm that may or may not know you well enough? As machines are getting intelligent and smarter, they are encroaching the areas like personalized financial advisory and investment recommendations. This area has... Continue Reading →

The main pillars of data science

The key pillars of data science include data engineering, data analytics and data visualization. Here is a short introduction of each of these pillars: Data Engineering - It is about building a sound data foundation. It involves acquiring the right... Continue Reading →

The evolving role of Chief Data Officer

As we see organizations introducing the chief data officer's role, the responsibilities of this role are quickly evolving, or getting defined and redefined. The role of CDO is NOT about improving the existing business using data. This is already being... Continue Reading →

Data Science – Where business intelligence meets artificial intelligence..

Data science is evolving as a separate academic branch and is gaining huge traction in the world of business and economics, mainly because of new technological advancements in the field of processing and interpretation of data. As huge volumes of... Continue Reading →

Building the next generation global companies

Technology has kept evolving in a manner that is hard to predict. Back in 1970s, when everyone thought of flying cars as the next logical evolution, the world instead witnessed supercomputers that changed the way we remember and communicate information.... Continue Reading →

The era of data driven economy

The digital economy is quickly getting converted into a data driven economy. The past decade has seen a surge of disrupting internet startups, and the main weapon of these disruptors has been "data". The disruptors in the financial services sector... Continue Reading →

GreyAtom – The new face of education

The technology space around us is changing rapidly, and as the industry tries to catch up with these changes, the question that pops up every time in our minds is that of our education system. Most of our education system... Continue Reading →

Building great data products

Dr. DJ Patil, first U.S. Chief Data Scientist in President Obama's ministry, was in Mumbai this week to address the data enthusiasts at DataGiri meetup in Mumbai, India. Talking about building great data products and startup ideas, DJ Patil asked entrepreneurs to... Continue Reading →

Building data driven organizations

As companies are trying to become data driven organizations, the corporate leadership is struggling to understand the road map to achieve this goal. Mr Bhupesh Daheria, the CEO of Aegis school of data science moderated a panel discussion during the data... Continue Reading →

Preparing students for the next big wave

Data science professionals are currently in huge demand. The role of a data scientist did not exist a few years back, and many technologies that are used in data science did not exist either, in their current form. Hence there... Continue Reading →

The era of Artificial Intelligence..

Vishal Dhupar, NVIDIA's managing director in South Asia believes that we are about to enter a new era of artificial intelligence. He was speaking at the data science congress 2017 event in Mumbai, India. During his key note to the audience... Continue Reading →

“the only way to understand customers in eCommerce industry is through data”

As Dr. Ravi Vijayaraghavan, Vice President and Head of Analytics at Flipkart stated that "the only way to understand customers in eCommerce industry is through data". He was speaking at the data science congress 2017 event held in Mumbai, India.... Continue Reading →

Data Science in algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading is the process of using computers for trading.  The speed and frequency that is possible through algorithmic trading cannot be matched by humans. But this kind of black box trading can make investors nervous, especially when large amounts... Continue Reading →

Data Science evangelists

Kunal Jain, founder and CEO of Analytics Vidhya, was present at the data science congress event 2017 that was held in Mumbai, India. He was moderating the panel discussion on the topic - data science in banking, financial services and... Continue Reading →

“Born to break Samosa and Potato approach of traditional universities”

Bhupesh Daheria, CEO, Aegis School of Data Science has almost attained a celebrity status within the data science fraternity after conceptualizing and organizing the largest data science event that was ever witnessed in India. Data Science Congress 2017 event -... Continue Reading →

Visualizing data for Insights

In the recent few years, rapid advancements in BIG data technologies have been associated with complementary advancements in data visualization techniques. Several eminent speakers at the recent data science congress summit 2017 in Mumbai, India, spoke about the power of... Continue Reading →

Who is a data scientist?

When Harvard Business Review called it "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century", the term "data scientist" became a buzzword. Dr. Usama M. Fayyad, a veteran data scientist and probably the first person to ever hold the title of Chief... Continue Reading →

Data Science for better Governance and Society reforms

The term data science generally gets associated with academia, research, education and its implementations at high end technology companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn etc. In reality, that is only one of the many facets of data science, and its... Continue Reading →

Creating future data scientists

Dr Abhijit Gangopadhyay, the dean of Aegis school of business, data science and telecommunication, is one of the key visionaries who conceptualized and organized the largest event in data science ever witnessed in India. The Data Science Congress summit was held on... Continue Reading →

“India can’t afford to miss this bus!!”

In his inaugural message to the audience at the Data Science Congress summit 2017, the largest data science event ever witnessed in India, Mr Y. S. Chowdary, Minister of State for Science and Technology & Earth Sciences, gave a clear indication of... Continue Reading →

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