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Key ingredients of an Enterprise Data Architecture

An enterprise data architecture is a blueprint of various architectural components that are typically used to manage enterprise data and leverage it for various business objectives. These are some of the important elements of a typical enterprise data architecture. Data... Continue Reading →

Building an Enterprise Data Architecture

In an organization, data is stored in various disparate systems. Data within these systems is referred to as internal data of the organization. Also, with digitization of the world, a lot of external data is available and accessible. Combining internal data... Continue Reading →

Key pillars of an Enterprise Data Strategy

An enterprise data management strategy defines how data within the organization is acquired, stored, organized and leveraged for various business objectives. The key pillars of an enterprise data management strategy include: Industry trends and Business Value Data has to be... Continue Reading →

What is Data Governance

Data governance capability mainly focuses on the people and processes associated with managing enterprise data, but can also involve building relevant systems necessary to govern enterprise data. Here are some of the key areas of responsibility of the data governance... Continue Reading →

Elements of a differentiated Enterprise Data Architecture

If an enterprise data architecture does not differentiate itself, it will not get adopted by the business. A data architecture can truly become enterprise data architecture, if it gets adopted by majority of the business functions within the organization. But... Continue Reading →

Data Lake design principles

Modern data strategies heavily promote building an enterprise data lake - A repository of all data within the enterprise stored in its raw format. This strategy gives quick benefits, but if not designed correctly, data lake can soon become toxic.... Continue Reading →

The emerging Data Science Consulting Industry

Data science consulting industry is speculated as the next fastest growing industry and companies - large and small - are rushing to grab a piece of the pie. Here are the major categories of players within the industry. The Management... Continue Reading →

Data – A new discipline of Engineering

Engineering disciplines have a tendency to reproduce, or at-least, that is the feeling that we get when we look at the way engineering disciplines have emerged over time. Civil Engineering gave birth to mechanical engineering, from which emerged electrical engineering.... Continue Reading →

Designing an Enterprise Data Warehouse

An enterprise data warehouse is a collection of entire organization's data in a central location, to be accessed by the users of the organization to get a holistic view of their business. Data within an enterprise data warehouse is organized... Continue Reading →

Challenges of building data driven organizations

You would be surprised to know how many organizations fail miserably in their efforts to become truly data driven. Many would attribute the resistance of becoming data driven to the intrinsic nature of humans to trust their own judgements more... Continue Reading →

Flavours of an Enterprise Data Architecture

What does an enterprise data architecture look like? Is it a document? a diagram? a framework? How would you describe it? In reality, an enterprise data architecture is a strategy, and is best described in the following flavours, keeping in... Continue Reading →

Key Pillars of an Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data management is not about building a product or an application, but it is an enterprise level service for businesses to become data driven. The key pillars of enterprise data management are: Data Strategy Enterprise data management is driven... Continue Reading →

Skills required to build a data product

Do you have the skills that are necessary to build a data product? Here is a short description of the skills that are required to build a data product. A data product is a product that uses data to deliver... Continue Reading →

Evolution of data driven decisions

Data has been leveraged by large organizations for a very long time and the evolution of data driven decisions can be described in three distinct stages. The era of On-Line Analytical Processing Systems (OLAPs), 1980-90 During the 1980s, there used... Continue Reading →

What are the applications of data science?

There are numerous business applications of data science technologies and without getting into specifics, on a broad level, the applications can be classified into 5 categories - applications to improve products, understand customers, understand business, understand risks and build new... Continue Reading →

How to Market your Data Product

A product that uses underlying data to offer value to the customers is a data product. It can be a simple tool that uses data visualization techniques to promote transparency or a tool that uses data analytics to derive insights... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Data Architecture – key drivers

An enterprise data architecture defines how data is acquired and organized within the organization. Some of the key drivers for formulating an enterprise data architecture include: Fit for purpose Data is only useful, if it is available in the right form,... Continue Reading →

10 steps to build an Enterprise Data Strategy

Many companies now recognize the need to have a dedicated chief data officer, whose main task is to effectively leverage data - a powerful asset of an organization. The journey to become a data driven organization is long and painful,... Continue Reading →

What is a data strategy? And why do you need one?

Today, companies have access to unprecedented amounts of data. The potential to derive value from data is huge, but so are the investments. In order to maximize the return on investments, companies need to have a data strategy in place. A... Continue Reading →

Role of data consultants in building data driven organizations

The emerging roles of data consultants are often confused with that of data scientists. While data scientists convert data into insights, data consultants ensure business impacts from those insights. Data consultants are evangelists of data science and play a critical... Continue Reading →

Behavioral skills of data scientists

While speaking at the data science congress summit 2018, in Mumbai, Rajeshwari Aradhyula, chief people officer at Fractal Analytics highlighted the key behavioral skills of a data scientist - perseverance and curiosity. Perseverance - Getting insights out of data requires... Continue Reading →

Key principles for building data driven organization

While speaking at a panel discussion on building skills and competencies of data driven organizations, Riaz Mulla, head of training at Tech Mahindra talked about the two key principles - Integrity and Intent. He was speaking at data science congress... Continue Reading →

Three steps to onboard a digital strategy

All firms are looking to build a digital strategy for obvious benefits. With the changing landscape of technology, companies are re-building their business models to reduce costs, catch up with the competition and ensure survival in the near to long... Continue Reading →

Three pillars of a regulatory compliance solution

From the year 2008 till date, the world is trying to come out of the worst global recession since world war II. Many banks have fallen apart like a pack of cards, and millions have lost their jobs. Governments are... Continue Reading →

Data Protection – Myth or Reality

Data Privacy is becoming a huge concern, and governments have started to act on it. GDPR (General data protection regulation) is the first of its kind regulation enacted by the european union, that imposes restrictions on organizations on the way... Continue Reading →

Working hand in hand – Data Science and Business Intelligence

Business intelligence competency within an organization provides a strong framework for leveraging data science capabilities. As we build deep insights using modern machine learning algorithms, the business intelligence framework helps in bringing those insights to the right users at the... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning – The shift from coding to training.

Analytics allow automated decision support. A self learning analytical model trains itself to make predictions using data. This is a breakthrough in the way computers operate, and is popularly known as a machine learning technique. Machine learning techniques are used... Continue Reading →

Building the Ladder to Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are the buzzwords of 2018, but companies are struggling to understand the roadmap towards gaining the competency in these areas. Companies procrastinate these investments, since they look at them as strategic long term investments. As... Continue Reading →

Hot technologies of today

Technology is changing the future by changing itself. What was hot yesterday, is not anymore. What is hot today will not be tomorrow. But here is a list of technologies that are hot today! Big data The concept is simple... Continue Reading →

Three stages of data science career

Data science, today, is the most preferred career jump for students and professionals with backgrounds in both business and IT. It is the key to many successful careers within business consulting, management consulting, entrepreneurship, research and academia. Data science leverages... Continue Reading →

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